Welcome to RAAA's New Website!

Greetings RAAA Family,

I wish to welcome you to our new and improve website. This website project is a testament to the generosity of fellow alumni who graciously gave of their time. It exemplifies the power and beauty of collaboration. With the re-launch of the RAAA website, we hope to engage our alumni and supporters more effectively with a sleek, managed site with the information that matters most to you. The site contains four major sections that highlight upcoming RAAA events and announcements, community involvement and profiles on alumni, faculty and staff. The site is easy to navigate, with a design that allows you as the user to find out how to "get connected," "get involved" and how to donate to the RAAA. Additionally, with a dynamic database driven back end, the website will enable the leadership to administer membership and fundraising programs while increasing our ability to communicate with you more effectively. All RAAA financial members will have password-protected access to various additional resources, including a membership directory, and organization announcements and notes. Lastly, the site will serve as a portal to RAAA's presence on other social media sites: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

As this is your home as much as my own, you are all greatly encouraged to become active family members of our every growing community. Embrace the Rutgers University mantra "Jersey Roots, Global Reach" as a means to not let artificial boundaries separate or prevent you from being an active participant. As a larger, more active community, we have the propensity to have a more influential presence within the Rutgers community and the community at large. It will allow us to be a more visible and accessible support system for both students and Alumni. For those with limited time please "get in, where you fit in." Getting in, undoubtedly includes providing financial support to the organization by the way of membership dues. Increasing both our membership and volunteer base will create more opportunities for student, Alumni and community programming. I extend an offer to you to connect, collaborate, to create a greater sense of community as the possibilities are endless.

Many Blessings, 
Kendall Hall


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